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What's On Each CD

This page provides a general description of what is on a typical Czech cemetery CD.

StonePics CD's are designed in an HTML format so you can view the photos with your web browser or with your favorite photo viewing software. The CD does not require any space on your hard drive. Each one contains an average of 1800 large color photographs sized at 1024 x 768 pixels.

A text file and a Word document file on each CD provide an index of the photos. The Word file contains the Czech language character-set transcripts of the stones. The text file was made without the diacritical marks to facilitate words searches.

There are several categories of photographs identified in the index files:

  1. Individual Plots - These are photos taken of each plot. They include headstones, detail photos of information inscribed on the stones, photos of the deceased, carvings, artwork, ironwork and anything else that might be interesting or unique about a plot.
  2. View - Cemetery view photos show the area around a particular area of the cemetery where the individual photo photos are being taken.
  3. Specifications - When the photographer begins each morning he photographs a hand-written "spec sheet" that describes the location, time, date, and other details.
  4. Cemetery Signs - When the photographer moves from one area of the cemetery to another, his first photo is of the section sign posted in the cemetery.
  5. Cemetery Maps - Cemeteries often have a map posted to help visitors find a particular area. These are photographed so distant researches can identify where graves of interest are located in the cemetery.
  6. Vicinity - These are photos taken somewhere near or in-route to the cemetery. They may include scenery, buildings, or anything else that does not fit into the previous categories. The average CD has a relatively small number of these photographs. They are intended to give distant researchers a glimpse of things their ancestors were familiar with.