Tombs & Vaults in Czech Cemeteries

Tombs and vaults measuring approximately 3 x 3 meters or more are also common. Imagine a concrete utility vault 10 feet on all sides (length, width, height) with a hole in the top, not round for a man-hole cover, but rectangular in shape and large enough for a casket to pass through. A very heavy stone cover caps off the hole. Inside there may be horizontal steel/iron bars at different levels to shelve a number of caskets typically made from wood and adorned with metal. Ashes may also be placed inside the tomb, perhaps poured in or placed there in urns. Generally tombs and vaults are underground, but there are several above ground in Olsany Cemetery in Prague. One is shown at the bottom of this page.

The first two photos stack up to illustrate the above and below-ground portions of a typical tomb with vault common in Czech cemeteries. The stone that covers the vault's access hole can be pried up, then rolled back on dowels. Caskets may be arranged in up to three different levels.

tomb tomb

The following photo shows what is believed to be an above-ground tomb, although it is not known if ashes or a casket/body were placed in the top portion: