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Ordering Individual Photos

If you need only one or two sets of photos for any given CD, you may want to order the required photos rather than purchase a CD. Since photographs are sent by e-mail, you will receive them much faster than a CD.

Photo are priced according to the total number included in a given order. That number of photo associated with each burial plot is shown in the database just prior to the word "fotos". If you are ordering photos from only one plot, use the number shown for that plot. If you are ordering photos from several plots, add up the total photos from all of the plots of interest and use that number. Click on the appropriate Pay-Pal button(s) below to pay the appropriate amount.

If you want us to calculate your order cost, let up know what photo set you are interested in by e-mailing the CD and photo ID numbers.

If you pay for photos without asking us to calculate your order ahead of time, you will need to e-mail us the CD/picture ID's of interest.

  1. Click once on the top "PayPal Add to Cart" button to pay $8 for the first two photos.
  2. Click the lower "PayPal Add to Cart" button once for each additional photo over two. For example, if your total order is 10 photos, click once on the top button and eight times on the lower button.
  3. After completing your transaction, click the "View Cart" button to confirm that the total amount of your payment correctly corresponds to the number of photos you are purchasing. If necessary you can adjust the amount on the Pay-Pal page that opens.
  4. Send an e-mail to StonePics to define which photographs you have purchased.

        First two photos for $8.00            


        Each additional photo for $1.00


Your order will usually be processed the same day we receive confirmation of payment. Thank you.