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Searching For Names in the Database

The Czech headstone database is a large text file used to locate headstones that have been photographed and transcribed. As additional transcript work is completed the names will be added.

Open the database by clicking on the link below. A separate browser window will open; the file is large, so you may have to wait several seconds for the information to load. You may want to copy and save it on your own computer for easy access.

Click here to view the database for searching.

The Czech alphabet contains 42 characters, 16 more than the English alphabet. The additional Czech characters are formed by the addition of diacritical marks (accents, rings, carons) above the letters used in English. The Czech headstones were transcribed into Microsoft Words files preserving the Czech diacritical marks just the way they appeared on the headstones. These files have been preserved and are available in this format, but in order to simplify name searches within the StonePics database, the diacritical marks were stripped out. For example, the letter appears as y and the letter appears as z. In addition to Czech characters, there are many headstones with German names using the letters a and u with double ring diacritical marks.